360 Vision’s surveillance tech deployed at English Heritage site

360 Vision Technology’s surveillance tech

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UK-based 360 Vision Technology, a manufacturer specialising in HD, radar and thermal PTZ imaging cameras, has successfully delivered camera surveillance technology for an English Heritage site at the Transit Shed in Exeter Quayside, UK.

360 Vision Technology’s solution

Installed by Select Electrics and specified by Derek Maltby of Global MSC Security, the additional CCTV coverage was necessitated to monitor the Exeter Quayside area, ensuring safety and security for both locals and visitors.

Kevin Tyrrell, CCTV Technical Manager, Select Electrics highlighted the need for a robust camera system that could withstand challenging conditions at Exeter Quayside.

Tyrrell stated: “We required a camera that would not only provide reliable high-definition images but also one that would withstand high winds and rain.”

To address these challenges, 360 Vision‘s Invictus TX wireless camera was chosen, offering a one-off specific colour to match the heritage hue of the Transit Shed, meeting strict English Heritage requirements.

The camera provides a continuous rotation pan, unobstructed 360-degree view, 160-degree tilt and on-board LED white light technology for night-time vision.

“The perfect choice”

Jason Wyatt, National Account Manager, 360 Vision Technology commented: “The combined Invictus TX camera and integrated LED white light technology makes it the perfect choice for the technically demanding environment at the Exeter Quayside.

“Invictus’ ultra-low light technology from 1/1.9’’ ULL sensors also delivers brighter, crisper and more defined colour images at night, for the ultimate performance at the Quayside.

“We are proud to have delivered a bespoke Invictus camera version in a one-off colour, to enable use on the English Heritage protected Transit Shed, as part of an overall upgrade to the Exeter City Council city-wide CCTV network and its ongoing surveillance upgrade using 360 Vision’s Invictus cameras.”

Enhance surveillance and image quality

Dennis Cavanagh, Control room Operations Manager, Exeter City Council added: “Since the 360 Vision Invictus TX camera has been added into the system, we have had many positive comments from residents and local businesses, complimenting the non-invasive nature of the colour-matched camera in the historical surroundings.”

The deployment of the Invictus camera on the Transit Shed is part of a broader initiative to enhance surveillance coverage and image quality across the Exeter CCTV network.

According to 360 Vision Technology, this demonstrates its commitment to providing tailored solutions in historical and challenging environments.

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