2N enhances security and flexibility of intercom solution

intercom solution

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2N has upgraded the security and convenience of its 2N IP Verso 2.0 intercom solution.

The access control systems provider made the enhancements after receiving direct, surveyed feedback from both residential and commercial customers.

Key upgrades for intercom solution

From a security perspective, the main product enhancement is the introduction of a full HD wide angle camera.

According to 2N, research suggests that over 50% of office projects see video as a requirement when specifying such a solution.

The camera utilised by the upgraded intercom solution supports Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), which eliminates silhouettes if the sun is shining directly behind the visitor.

Additionally, the product offers Adaptive Face Zooming.

This feature automatically zooms in on the visitor, allowing the user to identify them easily on the answering unit or their smartphone.

“You can’t stand still for a moment”

“The IP Verso has been so popular for so long because of its modularity and reliability,” said Michael Nicholson, Business Development Manager, UK & Ireland, 2N.

“However, you can’t stand still for a moment in this industry and the option of adding new functionality is one of the features of IP technology.

“We are therefore constantly looking at ways to enhance the security or flexibility of our devices.

“In this case, we have delivered both in one go, and because of that, I’m very confident that the 2N IP Verso 2.0 will remain our best selling intercom for some time to come.”

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