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2N releases stylish Indoor Touch 2.0 answering unit

Indoor Touch

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The stylish 2N Indoor Touch 2.0 internal communicator for 2N door intercoms is the successor of the successful 2N Indoor Touch model that was awarded the prestigious Red Dot Design Award. It comes with a 7″ HD tempered glass display, Wi-Fi connectivity and four-times the power of its predecessor for integrating home automation systems. It is the latest high-end model in 2N’s answering units’ line and specifically designed for apartment buildings.

2N, the largest manufacturer of IP intercoms in the world, introduces its stylish new 2N Indoor Touch 2.0 multifunctional communicator for accepting video calls from 2N IP intercoms and providing access control. It can also administrate smart household and office systems.

Easy controls in an attractive design

The 2N Indoor Touch 2.0 internal answering unit is equipped with a 7” colour touchscreen display, providing a detailed view of incoming people from its scratch resistant 4-mm tempered glass panel. The screen is installed at a pleasant angle and guarantees very easy control of specially created home environments—the most commonly used applications are available at a single touch. The stylish design and high-quality materials are the same as previous versions of this model, which were awarded the prestigious Red Dot Award in 2017. The unit’s design ensures the product is also suitable for even the most luxurious interiors.

Users can easily and quickly display live video from the intercom and see who is at the front door in real-time, or they can replay missed or unanswered calls from unexpected visitors who have left a message on the communicator. Recordings are augmented by videos from the door control system. Its HD quality sound provides perfect intelligibility without any echoes.

More power for third-party applications and smart households

The new 2N Indoor Touch 2.0 unit is equipped with more powerful hardware than the previous version and offers approximately four-times the processing power. 2N Indoor Touch 2.0 comes with a preinstalled unlocking licence for integrating third-party Android applications designed for home automation systems. Users can control not only communication & access with visitors at the door, they can also manage their air-conditioning systems, lights, home cameras, blinds, music players and so on.

“The 2N Indoor Touch 2.0 takes advantage of our successful interior answering unit concept, which has become very popular with companies, residences and hotel resorts. We are very confident that the unit’s increased capacity, graphical interface improvements and enhanced integration options will increase the popularity of this premium product even more, especially in the residential sector,” said Tomáš Vystavěl, Product Manager at 2N.

Installation of the communicator is easy and can be done in around 15 minutes. The device can also be managed remotely through the Internet. The unit can be connected with an Ethernet cable, which provides both PoE and data communication and the Wi-Fi version uses no cables for communication at all.

2N Indoor Touch 2.0 comes in either a black or white design with optional Wi-Fi connectivity. The product will be available for sale in the Czech Republic from August 2019. The recommended retail price is €580.

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