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2N releases new compact communicator ideal for any residence


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The 2N Indoor Compact answering unit is a counterpart to 2N door intercoms. The workmanship and materials in the unit’s design mean it is a premium interior accessory for homes and residences. It is easy to install and allows the user to accept calls, open doors and display missed calls as well as perform other functions very intuitively. All of this in a minimalist design with a colour 4.3″ display and tempered glass surface.

2N, the manufacturer of IP intercoms, is extending its range of indoor answering units to include the new 2N Indoor Compact communicator designed for residential use. It is a finely tuned combination of style, durability, ease of use, easy installation and remote administration.

A design piece for every interior

The new answering unit has a 4.3″ colour display with a 3-mm tempered glass surface for maximum scratch and impact resistance in the home. Control is very intuitive thanks to large buttons with colour backlighting. Besides receiving video calls, opening doors, displaying missed calls or switching to silent mode, the communicator also displays the exact time and date in standby mode. When you accept a call, the 2N Indoor Compact unit allows you to switch the intercom camera’s image to a feed from another external IP camera and check that you are only letting the right visitors into the building. HD audio is provided through the G.722 audio codec, a unique speaker output and ambient noise suppression system.

Easy installation and remote administration

Installation and connection of the 2N Indoor Compact unit is very easy. Structured cabling typical in homes today makes it possible to literally plug the 2N Indoor Compact straight into the system and provide communication and power over PoE in a few seconds. The special flush mounting box allows you to achieve straight alignment even on imperfect brickwork by slightly turning the display. Setting up all installed units, creating directories and even firmware upgrades can be done via the web interface from either a local network or remotely using the 2N Remote Configuration service. “The 2N Indoor Compact communicator has been specially designed as a luxury interior accessory for households and residences and is thus a superb addition to our range of indoor answering units. It provides top quality video calls but is smaller in size and has a truly elegant design. We were very particular in selecting the materials and fine tuning the user interface, so it really is a high-end product,” said Tomáš Vystavěl, Head of Product Management at 2N.

The 2N Indoor Compact answering unit comes in black or white. It will be available at sales channels in July 2019 at the recommended retail price of CZK 9,559.00 excl. VAT.

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